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Chevy 4L80E Automatic Transmission

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Description Applications

4L80E Automatic Transmission to fit all car and truck applications

    * This is a generic listing we will obtain your Vin number in order to ship the correct unit to you

  • Fully remanufactured valve body, with complete system correction and recalibration kit, improves pressure control and shift quality.

  • Upgraded actuator feed limit valve prevents missing shifts and premature transmission failure.

  • Complete road simulation testing using a proprietary dynamometer testing program developed in house to replicate road force,driver characteristics and proper inertia placed in units in real life usage.Every transmission is cold- and hot-tested to confirm proper operability.

  • Upgraded 3-4 element intermediate sprag increases holding capacity.

  • All-new shift solenoids ensure positive shifting

  • EPC solenoid is tested separate from the transmission to confirm precise pressure control.

  • Case connector is updated to the latest design on pre-1994 versions, and a vehicle pigtail harness is provided to address connection issues with the early design.

  • Updated force motor for improved pressure control.

  • Fully remanufactured torque con􀀇r tested for leaks, lockup, concentricity, and balance. Upgrades surpass OE requirements, eliminating the possibility of front seal leaks, premature bushing wear, and vibration.

  • Updated pressure regulator prevents overly high pressure.

  • No Walkout rear case bushing is installed, addressing an OE flaw, to prevent case and output shaft damage.

  • New custom-spec bushings improve internal fluid flow control and pressure.

    ****To prevent failure of the new transmission a Transmission oil cooler replacement is recommended. Flushing is acceptable only in units that fluid was Not discolored but to do so at your own risk. Units failing from contaminated fluid will not be covered.***Cooler replacement guarantees a clean System and flawless installation.***

Factory Assembly Numbers

3HTP, 3HCP, 3DSP, 3MLP, 3TLP, 4MCP, 4MTP, 2HTP, 2TLP, 2MJP, 2MCP, 2HCP, 2DSP, 1TLP, 1MCP, 1HTP, 1DSP, 1APD, 1CBP, 1DDP, 2AJP, 3AJP, 2ASP, 3ASP, 2ATP, 3ATP 4MBP, 1DCP, 2DCP, 3DCP, 3TAP, 3TRP, 3MHP, 2MHP, 3HBP, 3HAP, 3MAP, 3TWP, 3BSP, 3BAP-G, 3AHP, 4ABP, 4AHP, 4MRP, 4MSP, 4MXP, 4TWP, 1ABP, 2BAP-G, 1AHP, 1BAP-G, 1TWP 3BJP, 4BJP, 2BJP, 1BJP 2BMP, 3BNP, 2BNP, 1BMP, 3HFP, 3DPP, 3TFP, 3TKP, 3DNP, 3DCP, 3BYP, 4BMP, 4DNP, 4DPP, 4HKP, 4TMP, 2BYP, 1DNP, 1DPP, 1TFP, 1TKP, 2TKP, 2DNP, 2DPP, 2HFP, 2TFP 3DRP-93, 4DRP-94G, 3THP, 2DRP-92, 2THP, 1THP, 1DRP-91 1CBP, 2MKP, 3KFP, 3PBP, 4HCP, 2MCP 2BSP, 3KDP, 3PAP, 1CAP, 3KKP, 3LAP, 3MBP, 3BAP-D, 4HAP, 4MBP, 1MBP, 2LAP, 2BAP-D, 1BAP-D, 2MBP, 2KJP, 3KJP, 2PDP, 3PDP 4BUP, 4LFP 2BYP, 1CRP, 1BMP, 2BMP, 3BMP, 4KSP 4AMP, 4DRP, 4LLP, 2LLP, 3LLP 5ADP, 6MTP, 6FAP, 5MCP, 5LCP, 6LCP, 5TXP, 6TXP, 5AFP, 6AFP, 5HPP 5MBP, 5MSP, 5MRP, 5TWP, 5ABP, 5AHP, 6TZP, 6MAP, 6ABP, 6AAP, 6MDP, 6MSP 5JHP, 6JHP, 5BYP, 5BMP, 5DNP 6TTP, 6ALP-S, 5ALP, 5LCP, 6LCP, 5TXP, 6TXP 5LAP, 5MBP, 6FBP 5LHP-S, 6LHP-S 6ADP, 6MCP, 6MLP, 17804193 5HHP, 6BCP, 6KSP, 6DCP, 6MSP, 6AAP, 6TWP, 6MDP, 5TWP, 6BAP, 6MAP, 5MSP, 5BSP, 5BAP, 5CWP, 5HPP 5BUP-G 6BYP, 6DNP, 6BMP, 5DNP 6APP, 5APP, 6DRP, 5DRP 6LBP, 5LBP, 5ALP, 5BCP, 5KKP, 5MJP, 6ALP, 5LYP, 6KKP, 5CXP 5DDP, 6LAP, 5CTP, 5MBP, 6CTP 5BUP-D 6LHP-L, 5LHP-L 5AMP, 5LLP, 6LLP 7AJP, 7HPP, 7TZP, 8AJP, 8HPP, 8TZP 8DCP, 7AAP, 8AAP, 7DCP, 7BCP, 7CTP, 7TPP, 8BCP, 8HMP, 8TPP 8DLP, 8BJP, 8DMP, 7DLP, 7DMP, 7BJP 97DRP, 97LLP, 98DRP, 98LLP 97JHP, 7LHP, 98BMP, 98DNP, 98DPP, 98JHP, 7BMP, 8BMP, 8DCP, 97BMP, 97DNP, 97DPP 7LBP, 7LCP, 8LCP 7CTP, 7LAP, 7LYP, 8LAP, 8LYP 19168341, 7LFP, 8LFP 7LLP , 8LLP 7DPP, 8DPP 9HPP, 0AKP, 0TZP, 1TZP, 9MDP, 9AKP, 7MJP, 9TZP, 0HPP, 6MJP, 7MCP, 616MCP, 616CAP, 617MCP, 615MJP, 615MCP, 615CAP, 614MJP, 614MCP, 617MPP, 619AJP, 611HPP, 610HPP, 610MCP, 614CAP, 611MJP 616CCP, 616BSP, 617BSP, 615CCP, 615BSP, 614CCP, 619BJP, 619BSP, 619DLP, 619DMP, 619LFP, 612BSP, 610LFP, 610BJP, 610BSP, 610DLP, 610DMP, 614BSP, 611BSP, 611DLP, 612CCP, 613BSP, 613CCP 19177971, 2DRP, 0LLP, 1LLP, 2LLP, 9DRP, 1DRP, 0DRP 9WBP, 0BMP, 9BMP, 3WBP, 5WBP 0HMP, 9LAP, 9BCP, 9HMP, 0BCP, 9DCP, 0DCP 1HMP, 2HMP, 9HMP, 9BMP, 0BMP, 0BTP, 0DNP, 0HMP, 19177985, 24223460, 24211792, 1BMP, 2BMP, 3BMP 7JHP, 8JHP 8MSP, 9MCP, 9MDP, 9MJP, 9MSP, ACAP, 8MPP, 9MPP, 9MKP, 8MCP, 8MDP, 8MJP 2LCP, 0LCP, 0AKP, 9AKP, 0AKP, MKP, 1LCP, 8LBP, 9LBP
4L80E Auto Tranmission

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5 of 5 July 23, 2019
Reviewer: john baker from bennett, CO United States  
Great customer service. Got the new transmission in record time considering the 4th of July holiday came a day after I placed my order.

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