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We are one of the nation's leading supplier of remanufactured engines, surplus & used engines, transmissions, differentials, transfer cases & cylinder heads. We provide you with an industry-leading, nationwide parts & labor warranty of up to 7 years!

We deliver directly to your home, or the repair shop of your choice. All cores must be returned for recycling, so we'll pick it up for FREE!

Take the factory tour:

Tour The Factory

State of the Art Manufacturing Facilities

All of the manufacturing facilities combined equal nearly 1 million square feet of building, warehouse & distribution space nationwide. Our facilities are some of the most state of the art in the world with industry recognized certifications like ISO14001, ISO9002 & QS-9000. These are manufacturing standards used worldwide in top quality OEM facilities.

Remanufacturing Process

The remanufacturing process begins when a core engine is returned & torn down to be rebuilt. All engines are disassembled & hot tanked to remove all deposits & rust from the cores.

Remanufacturing Process
Remanufacturing Process 2

Extensive Testing

After thoroughly cleaning the product of all contaminants the parts are magnafluxed to check for stress cracks not visible to the naked eye to ensure you receive a premium product.

Machining Process

After all testing is complete, the engine & heads are cleaned again & moved to machining where all deck mating surfaces are machined on some of the highest quality equipment available today. This process is done to ensure gasket surfaces are true & will last a lifetime if cared for properly. As seen to the side, we utilize some of the most technologically advanced equipment available today from CNC machines that will machine 500 blocks to the exact same tolerances & do it in the time most other factories can machine 50-100 due to our use of robotics, like the one pictured here, used to buff & clean only intake & exhaust manifold surfaces.

Engine Machining Process
Remanufactured Engine

Untouchable Finished Surfaces

As you can see the machining accomplished by our machines provides a product that is as close to a brand new surface as possible. Plus with added upgrades from the OEM Manufacturers, PERA & AERA we are providing you with a product that exceeds original specifications.


After all machining cleaning & OEM improvements have been accomplished then we move on to assembly where the blocks are fitted with new pistons, rings and bearings 100% of the time, as well as valve train & camshafts when needed. Engines equipped with timing chains have new ones installed with tensioners. Any engines with timing belts get a new belt & tensioner(s) plus water pump if the belt drives it. All this is done so we can effectively move onto our next stage...

Rebuilt Engine Assembly
Rebuilt Engine Testing


After our engines are fully assembled they are run through a simulation test which confirms that the engine has been assembled correctly and that it produces the correct amount of oil pressure & compression. As well as pressure testing the cooling system. This is all done with quality control scheduled inspections of completed engines to ensure that the product you receive is in proper working order & when properly installed will stay that way for years to come.

Final Before Shipping

After all testing is complete the engines are paired with oil pumps & a full gasket set, then double-wrapped in plastic to keep contaminates out prior to delivery.

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