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Rebuilt and Remanufactured Differentials & Rear Ends

Rebuilt Differentials

We Use Only Quality Tested Cores

All rears are manufactured using quality tested cores received at our facility. Each core is checked for straightness and damage then sent to tear down. Upon tear down a thorough inspection is done to confirm that the core can be remanufactured to our standards. If it does not meet the standards the core is tossed out.

Media Blasted To A New Finish

After inspection all cores are media blasted to take off all rust and corrosion which brings the case back to a new usable finish:

Rebuilt Differentials 2
Rebuilt Differentials 3
Rebuilt Differentials 4

Refitted and Painted

Once thorough cleaning is accomplished the differential goes back to our rebuild center to begin assembly. All differentials are fitted with new bearings, carriers, ring and pinion, as well as yokes and seals.

Rebuilt Differentials 5

After assembly they are painted to lock in the renewed surface we obtained from cleaning. This stores a clean quality product for years to come.

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