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Replacement Engines

We offer replacement engines for cars and trucks with an available 7 year, 1,000,000 mile parts and labor warranty. All of our engine replacements come with a lower price in mind, allowing you to save money over:

We deliver directly to your home, or the repair shop of your choice. All cores must be returned for recycling, so we'll wave your upfront fees and pick it up for FREE!

  1. Replacing your vehicle altogether, or
  2. Over spending money at a dealership to have your engine replaced.

Our Replacement Engines are Typically Provided In Long Block Format

This would be the engine block, heads and also include things like a new oil pump and gaskets. Many times we do also offer certain engines with the timing cover and oil pan installed. Ask your sales rep for details on your specific application today.

Our engine remanufacturing process starts with a high quality core that is disassembled and hand-inspected to insure there are no problems. After that, it is thoroughly spec’d out and confirmed to be 100% rebuildable.

The next step is to move onto the machining process where the blocks are bored and line honed to true up and provide new surfaces for the new bearing and pistons. Then we install the rods, pistons, rings, and bearings - completing the short block.

On the other side of the factory the cylinder heads are being trued and surfaced to provide straight new metal to mate to the newly machined short block. All heads receive new springs, retainers, keepers, and valve seals, which are then mated to the short block and the timing is installed. Once the engine is timed it is placed on our state of the art sim tester to test the engine for proper compression as well as pressurizing the cooling system with hot coolant to confirm the head gasket and coolant system are sealing properly. Once it passes test these replacement engines are double wrapped and packaged awaiting their new home in your vehicle.

We also offer a no-fault warranty, giving us the best powertrain warranties in the industry.

Get Full Coverage for the Replacement of the Engine

In addition to full coverage for the replacement of the engine (for any reason) the extended warranty also provides benefits like, a rental car, towing and diagnostic times.

Our replacement engines are not just remanufactured but the reengineered to improve upon all factory known faults and produce a better engine.

Give us a call today for an estimate and you will find that our prices are very competitive.