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What is a Core Charge?

Core charges are a deposit that is charged when an engine is purchased typically. This is in place so that the re-manufacturer (US) can offset the cost of getting another engine to rebuild if the customer does not return there old one to us. We revolutionized the industry by being on of the first re-manufacturers to not require payment of the core charges up front.When you purchase an engine from powertrain products inc. You will see that there is a core charge on the invoice. This is refundable once returned to us if you paid up front or if you opt to waive the core for 15 days it is not collected but will still show as a balance due on your invoice. When done you would simply email or call us here to have the arrangements made to pick up the core. We cover the return shipping cost,paperwork & arranging the truck; You would simply need to have yourself or mechanic at the location for p/u.

Are the Engines Complete?

Most of the engines we sell are known as complete long block engines. This is a common term in the industry & represents a re-manufactured engine containing the block with heads installed as well as gaskets & oil pump. In most cases external parts are cleaned & re-used. ex: oil pan, timing cover, valve covers, intake, starter, etc. There are many engines that we do stock now with the oil pan & timing cover on & ready to go. Just ask you sales representative how the engine for your vehicle is sold.

Are there shipping charges?

Shipping rates are as follows and are subject to change at any time and vary depending on location.

  • Lower 48 states shipping rates to business locations are $150.00 round trip
  • Lower 48 states shipping rates to residential locations are $225.00 round trip

This will include a liftgate equipped truck if requested at the time of purchase.

Please keep in mind that delivery is made on a tractor trailer combination and is at the drivers discretion if they can deliver in your driveway,culdesac,neighborhood, etc. If the driver feels they cannot safely navigate the truck down your road then they will deliver as close as possible. This would not change the residential shipping rate.

Shipping Time?

Shipping time depends on many factors. The first being if we have the product you need in stock. If it is in stock then it can typically ship by the next business day after your order is received. The other factor is how far it has to ship. This depends on your location. We typically can deliver to any location within 5 days. Many are next day & your sales representative can give you an estimate of delivery time. This is always an estimate as our products availability changes daily due to demand. Our sales representatives can give you an idea of shipping time on any item prior to placing your order.

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