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Ford 5.4 3 valve engine

Rebuilt and Remanufactured Ford 5.4 Engines

Here is a list of some of the well known problems we have corrected:

The cylinder head spark plugs blowing out & stripping the threads: Drill all heads, re-weld the holes with new material & then re-drill & tap adding not only stronger material but also more threads then originally equipped.

The cylinder head gasket failures: We install all new OEM multi layer steel head gaskets that are not as prone to failure from the high heat operating temperatures of this engine.

Timing failures: We use all new OEM timing components in our rebuilds that include upgraded tensioners & guides to prevent chain slap & failure.

Valve failures: We use all NEW valve train in each 5.4 Ford engine we build. New valves, locks, guides, seats, rockers & lifters are installed in every engine to eliminate valve train noise & failure.

On top of that we have added many features that help to improve this engine above its factory counterpart.

We install new hypereutectic graphite coated pistons to end piston slap & bore wear once you get the high mileage on this vehicle.

We have installed the oil pan & timing cover to reduce install time & included a new oil pump pickup also

We include with our 5.4 engines a set of new OEM gaskets to re-install what is not included

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